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1LT Beret Rank Bright Army Cadet JROTC / ROTC Ranks
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1LT Beret Rank Bright Army Cadet (Pair)

Product ID : JDT-56-019
Price: $3.30


1LT Long pin for berets (pin on) Army cadet rank bright silver colored rank ROTC pin on with tips

Army officer rank brite silver nickle nickel insignia, cadet rank chevron ensignSenior ROTC the Army cadet rank is also used by marine cadets.

First Lieutenant bright Army pin on rank for ROTC cadets dress uniform, class A, B & ASU uniforms. Cadet enlisted First Lieutenant metal rank with silver bright finish. Pin has two prongs and the backside and comes with tips (frogs) for ready-to-wear.

No Shine Metal Rank for ROTC Cadets

Sold in pairs

Attachment Style: Long Pin On With Clutch
Color: Bright Silver
Rank: First Leuitenant (1LT)
Branch of Service: Army Cadets (ROTC)
Unit of Issue: 1 Pair
Position of Wear: Beret


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