Custom Guidons

Air Force Guidon Flag with Eagle (Each) (Takes Minimum 2-3 Months)

Product ID: JDT-AF-400

Air Force Guidon flag with Eagle, Custom 2 lines of text
Custom Guidon Flag ROTC (Each) (Takes Minimum 2-3 Months)

Product ID: JDT-51-010

Swallowtail Custom Guidon Flags made with your 2 custom lines of information and your colors.
Custom Streamer ROTC (Each) (Takes Minimum 2 Months)

Product ID: JDT-21-017

Custom made Streamer for ROTC units. Takes about 8 weeks to be made.
Guidon Flag ROTC With Torch And Letter (Each) (Takes Minimum 2-3 Months)

Product ID: guidon_flag

Army Guidon flag made with your company letter. ROTC grey with red letters and torch. ROTC